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Introducing Reggie Reindeer! With a handmade scarf wrapped around his neck, he is ready for winter. Reggie loves cuddling up with a nice mug of hot cocoa after playing in the snow. At a height of approximately 4 inches (10.16cm) from toe to top of antlers, Reggie will make a great companion for your winter time activities!

(Please note that Reggie is a handcrafted figurine, and is not meant for play)

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I lovingly make all of my figurines from New Zealand Corriedale roving (unspun wool). This process involves needle felting, or stabbing a barbed needle repeatedly into rolled wool and shaping it into a desired figure. This process takes several hours, and since my figurines are handmade, each figure varies very slightly in appearance.

Reggie Reindeer Needle Felted Figurine

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