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Meet Ethan the Santa Bear. He is all ready to celebrate Christmas and is dressed up as his hero, Santa Claus. Ethan cannot wait to stay up on Christmas Eve with a plate of his favorite gingerbread cookies and hopes to meet all eight reindeer. At a height of approximately 3 1/2 inches (8.9cm) from toe to top of hat, Ethan will make a wonderful friend throughout many years to come!

(Please note that Ethan is a handcrafted figurine, and is not meant for play)

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I lovingly make all of my figurines from New Zealand Corriedale roving (unspun wool). This process involves needle felting, or stabbing a barbed needle repeatedly into rolled wool and shaping it into a desired figure. This process takes several hours, and since my figurines are handmade, each figure varies very slightly in appearance.

Ethan Santa Bear Felted Figurine

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